Business Management Technology

Business management technology integrates engineering and science in conjunction with management and business training to prepare leaders for industries that are dependent on science and technology. More than ever before, businesses are looking for STEM-advanced managers who are skilled in the art and business sciences.

Technology leaders today are under pressure to meet new requirements for efficiency, speed and transparency while demonstrating how their work aligns with the company’s strategic plan. This requires a new way of thinking to allow the function to create value and not just preserve it. This is why many companies are turning to technology-based management (TBM).

TBM is a discipline which provides a framework for an extensive overview, planning, benchmarking, billing and budgeting of the entire IT Portfolio across all technologies and delivery and development models. It helps finance and technology leaders to understand the true impact of technological changes and ensures that the decisions they make are aligned with their objectives and the strategic direction of the organization.

This program is offered on both COTC campuses, as well as on the internet. It may be combined with an associate degree in business to obtain a bachelor’s degree in our 2+2 program. It is designed to prepare students for beginning supervisory, administrative and management trainee positions in service and production industries. It is a balanced program that offers a practical and integrated approach to business operations, including marketing human resources, management and supervision. It also includes a broad general education curriculum and an array of electives.

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