Different Types of Online Data Storage

Data storage solutions are essential for the success of businesses. They make sure that important files are protected from cyber-attacks and accessible even if your computer experiences a hardware or software failure. They can be used to backup large files, which takes up a lot more space on your computer. With so many options to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your company? This article will help you select the best online data storage option for your business.

Physical storage — where files are saved on servers or hard disk drives that you manage and control — is still in high demand. However these devices can be vulnerable to tampering, physical damage, and theft. These devices can be expensive to buy and maintain, especially when your file size increases.

Online storage providers, such as Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud are a second option for businesses that are looking for more secure ways to keep their data. These services are not immune to hacking and access that is not authorized. They also lack the flexibility and scaling that many organizations demand from their data storage systems.

A growing number of companies are integrating cloud-based storage features in their existing software and hardware. For example, many object storage systems come with an interface that mimics a file system for easy data access. They also provide more affordable pricing structures, such as pay-as-you-go plans that do away with the need for large upfront capital investment.


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