How to Choose an Online Board Portal

A board portal online is a software used to keep track of meeting information within an organization or company. Board members or committees as well as administrators may use it. Typically, the board administrator or company secretary is the first to advocate for portal software, but a board chairperson executive director, CEO or chairman may also endorse it. In ideal circumstances, all those in leadership positions should be a part of the new platform to ensure its acceptance and success amongst board members.

Board meeting management software is beneficial for both small and large companies. It also helps improve governance. A well-designed solution allows for collaboration and communication before, during, and after your meetings, and allows your board to work from anywhere, on any device.

Modern board portals are accessible for anyone to use regardless of technical proficiency. They allow you to schedule and share meetings, create agendas and documents, and perform eSignatures/approvals. Board administrators can easily monitor the participation of members by monitoring meetings attendance and document views.

When choosing a provider ensure they provide 24/7/365 support for clients that goes beyond password resets and include How-To videos, FAQ, ongoing remote training, and one point of contact. Select a company that has a proven track record of satisfaction with clients. This will facilitate the implementation and adoption process simpler for your organization.

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