Inspiring Teaching Books

These books will help you discover your passion, whether you’re an experienced educator or just a new teacher looking for inspiration. These books are filled with inspiring teaching ideas that offer research-backed insights as well as practical classroom techniques that will aid you in igniting your creativity, compassion and connection with your students.

This bestselling book is focused on the potential of teachers to impact lives. Fifth-grade teacher Rafe Esquith challenges entrenched ideas regarding educational barriers and inspires readers with his personal stories of students who achieved excellence in Shakespeare and algebra.

The authors of this text discuss how teachers can employ programs that encourage mindfulness to help students overcome trauma, anxiety, and anxiety. The authors provide strategies to create a nurturing and secure learning environment that can help students achieve success.

This book highlights the importance of embracing students’ voices and providing a flexible, differentiated program that accommodates all learners. The authors discuss how to encourage students in the classroom to become advocates and leaders for themselves.

A powerful book that focuses on the need to teach children to be brave. The author, who was a former teacher, shares her personal story of courage, and teaches readers about the many different types of bravery that are needed to thrive in life, from finding courage to be yourself to standing up for others.

This collection of stories, written by editor Joseph Underwood, answers two crucial questions. Each contributor reflects on their most memorable breakthrough moments and the lessons they have learned in the process, inspiring readers without being smug or preachy.

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