What Is a Cross-Game?

When watching any media it’s easy to let viewers to form expectations based on previous experiences. This can lead to a feeling of disappointment when a show doesn’t live up to expectations. Cross Game is a shounen which demonstrates that even an uncomplicated story about love and baseball can have a an unforgettable ending.

The main characters are memorable in their own right from the four sisters who live down the street to Ko’s closest friend Daiki. This small group of characters is what makes the show so special that they can bring an element of character and atmosphere to every scene that they appear in. They can deal with themes like death and love with ease and give them a deeper feeling than you would expect from a typical shonen.

What makes Cross Game truly stand out is the fact that it understands where to place its focus. The characters are well-developed, yet there’s not much drama or twists in each episode. This gives the viewers the important link opportunity to enjoy the development of relationships without being distracted by the need for emotional tension or a plot which constantly tries to surprise viewers with new twists and cliffhangers. The fact that it steers clear of these kinds of pitfalls is the reason that makes Cross Game so wonderful, and is something the genre could use more of.

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