Download Free Web proxy

Free Web proxy is a free application that lets you surf the web anonymously. It can also help you unblock certain websites. You need to use this program for personal or business purposes.

FreeProxy is a program for Windows users. Had originally been released in 1999. The application enables two or more users to share a web connection.

It truly is simple to use, and comes with several features. You may block specific sites, and schedule your web time. Also, you can configure the program to automatically dial up a server.

A few of the other features that you can utilize include: a virtual hardware, and a host of proxy expertise. These include SMTP, FTP, HTTP, and POP3.

FreeProxy is usually a good choice meant for small businesses. For instance, a company may need to set up a secure interconnection for a particular customer. By using FreeProxy, it is possible to create a digital server. That is a great method intended for companies which have been interested in writing their web connection among a variety of employees.

Not only is it a good proxy server service, FreeProxy also delivers users which has a lot of reporting features. Besides, it can be attached to Mac devices.

Another feature of FreeProxy is definitely the ability to build and control users and groups. Users may be added, wiped, or altered. There are many possibilities for customer names, IP addresses, and in some cases user-defined categories.

Lastly, you may create a suspend list for several URLs. While using FreeProxy Control Center, you may manage your connection schedule and user profiles.

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